Turbulent Research is a high technology company built on the talent in engineering, signal processing and product development of its employees. Founded in 2013, Turbulent Research began by building a broad range of underwater acoustic products for subsea use in oil and gas, underwater construction and ocean science. In 2015, Turbulent Research teamed up with Propipe Ltd. a major player in the design and manufacture of pipeline pigs in the UK to develop new subsea acoustic pig tracking products.

Our products are used in situations where they make a difference.

Turbulent Research is focused on intelligent products for practical problems. We build equipment of exceptional quality that’s sold for a fair price.

Chris Loadman, Turbulent Research

Since its formation in 1998, Propipe has been designing and manufacturing pipeline pigs for the oil and gas industry. An ongoing commitment to providing a fully engineered and tested range of pipeline pigs has positioned Propipe at the forefront of its market and has seen the company grow significantly.

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