Long Range Underwater Pig Tracking

The Trident series acoustic pingers have been developed for use with pipeline pigs for identification and tracking or locating in subsea applications. As standard, Trident Pingers can be used to detect pigs at ranges of several kilometers. Trident pingers require the pipeline to be flooded in order for the signal to be transmitted and this acoustic signal provides the information to identify the location of the pig.

Pinger repetition rate, power output, pulse length and battery life can be configured to suit the requirements of the project without compromising acoustic signal strength or pig design. Multiple acoustic pingers can be used in a single pig train or in pipelines of close proximity.

Propipe Trident Acoustic Pingers

The Trident Pingers can be used with the Trident SMART gauge system which allows the detection of pipeline flaws - such as a buckle, a dent or excessive weld penetration. The smart gauge system is designed to be fitted to a standard bi-directional pig, enhancing the gauging capability. The system is designed to allow the condition of a pipeline to be assessed without the need to recover the pig from the subsea receiver, saving significant time and costs.

Intelligent EM Transmitters smart pigs

Acoustic Products

pipeline pig tracking
Track underwater pigs from several kilometers away
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Simple integration with Trident SMART gauge system
oil pipeline pigging
Receive data from in-situ pigs
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Transmit gauge plate status subsea