Trident EM Pig Tracking

Electromagnetic (EM) devices can be used in any oil or gas pipeline, buried, subsea OR Pipe-in-Pipe (PiP). The detection range is significantly shorter than Acoustics and can be reduced further depending on the thickness of the pipe wall. Pinpoint positioning is achieved by using the EM range of digital receivers and identifying the ‘Null Spot’ of the signal. All EM transmitters can be used with any pigging medium and can be configured with manual start (prior to loading the pigs), or if delayed activation is required for subsea launching, the use of Wet-Start or Pressure-Switch activation can be applied.

Typical Multiple EM Signal Detected by PigView Software (15Hz & 25Hz Shown).

Trident EM Transmitters

The Trident series EM Transmitters have been developed for use within pipeline pigs for identification, tracking and locating. Trident transmitters produce high power, efficient waveforms at a range of frequencies, from 10Hz to 30Hz and are programmable using Bluetooth.

Trident EM Receivers

Trident EM Receiver range covers all aspects of pig detection for both land and subsea. All receivers, both handheld and ROV units use digital filtering which provides the ability to easily isolate individual frequencies.