Smarter Pig Tracking

Track your pigs reliably, with pinpoint accuracy, and collect valuable pipeline data at the same time.

The Propipe Trident line of intelligent electromagnetic transmitters enable reliable tracking of pigs in offshore, onshore and buried pipeline applications. Our transmitters allow users to not only reliably track and locate pipeline tools, but are also equipped with internal sensors, digital signal processing and deep memory to allow for the collection and analysis of pipeline data during routine maintenance and cleaning operations. Using our line of intelligent pig tracking transmitters can make every pig a smart pig.

Intelligent EM Transmitters
Modern PIG tracking

Stop tracking pigs the same old way.

Propipe Trident electromagnetic transmitters are fully programmable using our free PigView-EM Bluetooth app with your smartphone or tablet. We also provide free analysis and visualization software, PigView-Analytics, for easily viewing and processing embedded sensor data such as 9 axis IMU (3D acceleration, 3D Gyro, 3D Compass) and Pressure/Temperature Profiles. In addition to our embedded sensing options, users can easily interface the Propipe Trident line of transmitters to our intelligent gauge plate systems to easily detect and locate pipeline defects in real time or in post processing.

Intelligent EM Transmitters app
Value Added Pig Tracking

Add value to your pigs or your service, reduce risk on your valuable asset. By collecting sensor data while pigging, valuable insights can be made about the pipeline asset and about the performance of the tools, at virtually no additional cost over more antiquated pig tracking systems. Data can be fused with above ground marker, or signaller data points to begin to build pipeline profile maps, detect welds, debris and defects quickly and easily. Users can download and analyse data in minutes and use this information to maintain the pipeline asset, generate pipeline maps, schedule maintenance operations or achieve better success with more expensive smart ILI tools.

Intelligent EM Transmitters smart pigs analytics

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Intelligent EM Transmitters

cost effective pipeline pigging solutions
Add pressure, temperature, IMU data logging to pigs for the same cost as classic transmitters
Multi-frequnecy transmitters
Fully programmable and multi-frequency over Bluetooth
wireless programming icon
Free visualization and analysis software
cost effective pipeline pigging solutions
Simple integration with smart gauge plates to find defects quickly