Intelligent EM Transmitters

Trident EM transmitters are reliable, powerful, easy to use, and give the user the option of recording valuable pipeline pig data during pig runs.

By collecting sensor data while pigging, important insights can be made about the pipeline asset and about the performance of tools, at virtually no additional cost over more traditional pig tracking systems. All transmitters are Bluetooth programmable for frequency (default 22 Hz), power, and pulsing mode. Data can be viewed easily with a free version of PigView-Analytics software.

EM Transmitters different sizes

Trident SMART transmitters are designed for conventional and inspection pig tracking and locating. They feature a compact design, that provides a high signal strength suitable for very thick pipewall detection and longer operating time. They are the best in class for performance, safety features and can be activated using our Trident PigView software via Bluetooth; with a pressure switch; or even wet-contact connector.


SMART transmitters have a modern, rugged design and use robust materials (Composite plastic, stainless steel or titanium) to allow operation in virtually all environments and pressures up to 690 bar / 10,000psi. Impact tested up to 70g to provide 100% reliability.


SMART transmitters come in 4 different sizes, suitable for all pipelines from 4” upwards and each SMART transmitter has on-board datalogging capabilities, recording acceleration and gyro to provide operators with data on each pigging run. This can be further improved with the addition of pressure and temperature logging.

Trident SMART transmitters, combined with Trident Digital SMART receivers have been proven to work in the most arduous conditions both onshore and offshore subsea and are improving the art of pig tracking with every development.

Transmitter >

540 541 542 543

Line Size 5

≤ 6”


8"-20" ≥ 20"



11.8" 18"


1.2" 1.6" 2.8"

2 x CR123

2 x CR123 3 x C 5 x D
Run Time
(Continuous, Max signal, No logging)


TBD 84 hours 1 482 hours1
Range in Air

8 m

10 m 15 m 20 m

200 Bar 2


-40°C to 85°C

Logging Sensors

IMU, Pressure3, Temperature3, Smart Gauge3

Delayed Startup Options Water Sense4, Pressure4, Gauge4, Time4

1 Options to extend battery life longer (up to 120 days) with custom firmware, available on request - reduced amplitude and pulsing to extend life is standard

Higher Pressure Options Available On Request

3 Pressure, Temperature, Smart Gauge Options are NOT standard, but available on request

4 Water Start, Pressure Start , Gauge Plate Start and Start on Time Options available on request

5 This is a guide, bend radius and pipeline details and pig details should be considered when choosing a transmitter