Offshore & Subsea Receivers

Reduce subsea pig tracking costs with the Trident line of subsea pig tracking receivers.

The Trident line of underwater pig tracking receivers includes ROV mounted, autonomous, and diver held systems. Our receivers are capable of tracking pigs equipped with permanent magnets, EM transmitters, or acoustic pingers.

Trident DeepBlue Subsea Receiver

Trident DeepBlue

Acoustic + Electromagnetic Digital Subsea Pig Tracking System for ROVs

The DeepBlue ROV system is an all-digital implementation where users can stream broadband pig tracking information back to topside over Ethernet or RS232 and track and record pigs using our proprietary software PigView-RealTime.

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Trident D200 Receiver

Trident D200

Simple Acoustic + Electromagnetic Pig Tracking System for Divers

Divers can now locate subsea acoustic or electromagnetic pigs easier and faster than ever before. The Trident D200 diver pig tracking receiver combines acoustic and electromagnetic pig tracking capabilities in a single unit with a bright easy to understand subsea OLED display.

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Trident subsea pig signaller

Trident S3000

Subsea Pig Signaller

The S3000 Subsea Pig Signaller is designed to detect the passage of pipeline pigs carrying either rare-earth magnets or electromagnetic signalling devices.

Pig passages are logged with a time and date that can be viewed on the units high visibility subsea display by operating the ROV switch.

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