Smart, Efficient, Simple, Fast Underwater Pig Tracking

Offshore operations are expensive. Reduce subsea pig tracking costs by using the Propipe Trident line of subsea receivers to quickly and accurately track subsea pigs with multiple technologies in a single unit. The Propipe Trident line of underwater pig tracking receivers includes ROV mounted, and diver held systems.

Offshore Subsea receiver PIG tracking

Users can track subsea pigs using the Trident digital receiver system for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), in combination with PigView-RealTime software. Our receiver systems are capable of tracking pigs equipped with either acoustic OR electromagnetic beacons, allowing ROVs to be installed with a single piece of hardware for both long range pig tracking or applications requiring centimeter level accuracy.

Pipeline pig tracking acoustic pingers

Users can track multiple technologies in a single run, or use the DeepBlue receiver for multiple jobs requiring either acoustic or electromagnetic pig tracking technologies. Additionally, multiple pigs can be tracked at the same time using different acoustic or EM frequencies or codes. Any frequency acoustic pinger or EM transmitter can be tracked seamlessly. Integration into ROV systems is simple. DeepBlue can be interfaced to the ROV Multiplexer with Ethernet or RS232 communication protocols, and streaming live data can be displayed at topside while having complete control over the instrument’s configuration.

AUV for Underwater Pig Tracking

Turbulent Research, Propipe and Kraken Robotics have partnered on a joint research and development program to investigate the use of autonomous unmanned vehicles (AUV) in subsea pig tracking applications. Using Kraken’s novel hovering AUV, Thunderfish, integrated with the Propipe Trident line of subsea tracking electronics and sensors provides a revolutionary step forward in underwater pig tracking.

Kraken Thunderfish AUV pig tracking

Offshore Products

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Simple ROV integration
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Track electromagnetic AND acoustic pigs
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Track multiple pigs at once
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Receive data from in-situ pigs