Onshore Receivers

Track reliability and cost effectively with the Trident line of easy-to-use onshore pig tracking receivers.

The Trident onshore receiver family includes handheld devices as well as above ground markers used for remote tracking. These devices are extremely easy to use, while at the same time integrate the latest technologies in wireless communications and digital signal processing, so that passages are detected with ultra-reliability while reducing overall costs.

APEX Orange

APEX Above Ground Marker

The APEX AGM relies on digital signal processing methods to provide robust and false-alarm free passages. Raw ELF or Geophone data is streamed to the cloud using the embedded cellular connection or satellite radio. Pigs can be tracked live and remotely through our web-based portal PigView-Web.

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Trident 500 receiver with phone real time data streaming

Trident 500 Handheld Receiver

The Trident 500 Receiver is designed for use onshore and topsides offshore to accurately detect and locate pigs fitted with EM Transmitters. This device is equipped with an amplified geophone input and can be used as a wireless ELF or Geophone receiver.The receiver can detect multiple EM signals and displaying all using the pre-installed Trident PigView-Mobile software on a phone or tablet as the user interface.

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