PigView Software

Monitoring and visualizing pipeline and pig tracking data has never been easier.

Stop tracking pipeline pigs the same old way, with the PigView software suite’s modern user interfaces for configuration, tracking and post processing. Users can set up Trident transmitters easily over Bluetooth with their smartphone or tablet using PigView-Mobile as well as configure and track in real time the Trident 500 and APEX AGM. View & analyze pipeline data from Trident EM transmitters, smart gauges, and AGMs within minutes using PigView-Analytics, and track the DeepBlue subsea receiver in real time with the desktop PigView-RealTime. Remotely monitor and record pig tracking runs remotely with the PigView-Web web-based portal.


Smartphone App for programming, configuration, and real-time data

PigView-Mobile is an intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone app for programming and communicating with Trident pig tracking products. PigView-Mobile can be used to set frequency, power and recording modes in Trident EM transmitters, stream real time ELF or geophone audio from Trident onshore receivers or configure Pig Signallers for optimum operation.

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Pigview Software on a mobile
Pigview Analytics


View and analyze pipeline data in minutes

This software is designed for visualization & analysis of pipeline data collected from the Trident line of intelligent EM transmitters and the APEX AGM.

Within minutes of pig recovery users can view pressure profiles, temperature profiles, and vibration data as well as detect where our intelligent gauge plates had been deflected. In AGM applications passage waveforms and geophone data can be viewed easily. Data can be easily exported to standard formats for long term data management and trend analysis.

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Modern real-time pig tracking software

PigView-RealTime can be used for real time tracking of pigs using EM transmitters, acoustic pingers. PigView-RealTime runs real time interfaced to our subsea ROV receivers for tracking subsea pigs topside.

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Pigview RealTime
Pigview-Web pig tracking software for above ground markers


Pig tracking software for Above Ground Markers

Pig track live and get real time and historical passage data over the internet using our web-based software portal PigView-Web. Reduce costs and time by capturing live pig tracking information remotely and download and store all historical records in the cloud. View real time sensor data or listen to geophone audio wherever there is an internet connection available.

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