Pipeline Plugs

Proplug design and manufacture plugs for many different project requirements. 

Pressure retaining capabilities range from ambient to 1,000 Bar in sizes 1” and upwards, topside or subsea.

Every project is assessed upon client needs, so that tailor made plugs are supplied which meet and, in most cases, exceed expectations. 

Welding Pigs

Proplug Welding Pigs create an ideal weld purge environment for catenary welding off the rear of a pipelay vessel. Tyre inflation and purge is controlled through the weld root gap.

Over-pressure tyre dump system allows the unit to be pigged through the line at low pressure along with the FCG Pigs.

Subsea Plugs

Proplug have a wealth of experience designing and manufacturing subsea plugs for many different types of applications, from ambient sealing to very high-pressure isolation.

Depending upon water depth, they can be either diver or ROV operable. Design life is project dependent and may be up to 30 years.

Test Plugs

Proplug test plugs can be supplied with up to 1,000 Bar differential pressure holding capability, using proven seal and gripper technology.

Actuation can be mechanical, hydraulic or inflatable.

J-Tube Plugs

Proplug J-Tube plugs can be passive or active, with staggered split design where required.

Pressure retaining capability and design life to suit specific project requirements.

Track Record / Case Studies

Refer to our track record and case studies which detail some of the numerous projects we have used our expertise on.