APEX AGM enables remote pig tracking, live geophone audio, simple downloads and historical records management over the internet.

Propipe APEX is an ultra-reliable, accurate and easy to use autonomous above ground marker (AGM) that enables real-time remote tracking of pigs with ELF transmitters, permanent magnets, or acoustically with a geophone input. APEX AGM communicates streaming data over a wireless interface to a web-based software portal, so users can get real time passage information, live geophone audio, or historical records at any time. Users who pair these devices with our unique intelligent EM transmitters, can build an entire system that tracks, logs, collects and processes pipeline data from in-situ pigs easily, seamlessly and in real time.

The APEX AGM relies on digital signal processing methods to provide robust and false-alarm free passages. Raw ELF or geophone data is streamed to the cloud using the embedded cellular connection or satellite radio. Pigs can be tracked live and remotely through our web-based portal PigView-Web.

Both Receivers

Live Remote Pig Tracking

Track live and get real time and historical passage data over the internet using our web-based software portal PigView-Web. Reduce costs and time by capturing live pig tracking information remotely and download and store all historical records in the cloud. View real time sensor data or listen to geophone audio wherever there is an internet connection available

Apex APEX above ground marker real time software on mobile phone

Setup and Configure with your Mobile Device

Use Pigview-Mobile to configure and stream data from any AGM, receiver or transmitter from Propipe. AGMs can be programmed to detect any frequency ELF transmitter or permanent magnets while live ELF and magnetic data can be streamed in real time directly to a phone or tablet. PigView-Mobile turns any AGM device into a digital wireless geophone or wireless ELF receiver.

Specifications APEX AGM
Battery Life

200 Hrs (Continuous),
Much Better with Sleep Mode


6 x D Cell

Internal Storage

64GB (almost unlimited raw data storage)

Devices Detected

22 Hz or any ELF frequency, Magnets, Acoustic

Internal GPS

3 m accuracy; 100 us time sync

Temperature Range

-40°C to +85°C


External Connector, Internal Amplifier
and Signal Conditioning


3G Cellular, Iridium Satellite


Class 1, Up to 100 m/300 ft.;
Enabled for Configuration with Smartphone

User Interface

Smartphone, PC Software
and Push Button/LED


IP67; Sealed against Rain & Dust