PigView-Mobile is an intuitive and easy use smartphone app for programming and communicating with the Trident pig tracking products.

Users can easily program our intelligent EM transmitters for optimal performance as well as configure and stream real time data directly to your handheld device using internal Bluetooth connections on Trident 500, APEX AGM and the Trident S3000 non-intrusive pig signaller. PigView-Mobile also allows a simple portal into setting up, collecting data from and using Trident intelligent gauge plates.

PigView real time data software on phone

Today, more than ever, pipelines need to be safer & more efficient. 

Propipe North America pipeline solutions combines world class intelligent pig tracking and communication technologies with simple, easy to use, powerful data collection and pipeline pig software visualization and analysis tools. Paired with our intelligent pig tracking solutions and data loggers, the PigView visualization and analysis pigging software can make every pig a smart pig for minimal cost.

Make every pig a smart pig with our pipeline pig software.