Pig track live and get real time and historical passage data over the internet using our web-based software portal PigView-Web.

Reduce costs and time by capturing live pig tracking information remotely and download and store all historical records in the cloud. View real time sensor data or listen to geophone audio wherever there is an internet connection available.

Safer and More Cost-Effective Tracking

PigView Mobile allows users to remotely monitor pig runs over the internet using APEX AGM boxes. Users can get real time passage information, live geophone audio, or historical records at any time. PigView-Web users can monitor pig run status, verify ELF, permanent magnet and geophone passage waveforms as well as push configuration data out to all AGMs.

PigView-Web pig tracking software

Save time with Historical Records Management and Automatic Downloads

PigView-Web serves as a database for all pig tracking and passage information. There is no need for users to download data from AGM boxes as data is pushed to the cloud and stored in the web-portal automatically whenever internet connections are established. There is no need to spend hours downloading and managing large amounts of AGM data.