Trident 500 Receiver

Trident 500 is a handheld pig tracker that can be used as a wireless geophone or ELF receiver.

The Trident 500 Receiver is designed to accurately detect and locate pigs fitted with EM Transmitters. This device is equipped with an amplified geophone input and can be used as a wireless ELF or geophone receiver. The receiver can detect multiple EM signals and displays all results using the pre-installed Trident PigView-Mobile software on a phone or tablet as the user interface.

Setup and Configure with your Mobile Device

Trident 500 uses an internal Bluetooth connection to connect to android phones or tablets as the standard user interface. Use Pigview-Mobile to configure and stream data from any Trident 500.

Devices can be programmed to detect any frequency ELF transmitter while live ELF and geophone data can be streamed digitally to the user. PigView-Mobile turns any Trident 500 device into a digital wireless geophone or wireless ELF receiver.

PigView software on tablet
Specifications Trident 500
Housing Material Acetal / Stainless Steel
Length 330.0mm (including antenna)
Diameter 88.0mm (main housing)
Weight 3.5kg
Operating Frequency 10Hz to 30Hz
Operating Temperature Range -5˚C to +50˚C
Power 6 x AA Rechargeable
Battery Life 6 Days