Trident D200

Divers can now locate subsea acoustic or electromagnetic pigs easier and faster than ever before.

Diver-held digital pig tracking system

The Trident D200 diver pig tracking receiver combines acoustic and electromagnetic pig tracking capabilities in a single unit with a bright easy to understand subsea OLED display. The receiver is designed to be used as a pig locator & pig signaller allowing the operator to carry out a range of subsea operations with a single unit. The D200 receiver is a digital signal processing implementation that allows users to equip either an underwater electromagnetic antenna, or broadband hydrophone to the unit to help locate any stuck or lost pig quickly.

Trident D200 subsea receiver

Easy-to-Use Interface

The Trident D200 receiver has been designed with ease of use and accuracy of signal display in mind. Therefore the D200 receiver is equipped with an LED user interface screen. the screen allows the operator to cycle through menu options and view a live signal trace. The unit is powered by a rechargeable internal battery.

All controls and functions of the D200 reciever can be operated subsea by diver (Preset the unit when used with an ROV).

Button functions include:

  • Power up
  • Shutdown
  • Frequency change
  • Gain Increase / decrease 

Key Features

  • Pig Detection, Frequency Range: 10Hz to 30Hz 
  • Rechargeable Unit (NiMh Battery Pack)
  • Optional ROV Handles 
  • Safety PRV - Internal 10PSI Over Pressure

Trident D200

Housing Material

Acetal/Stainless Steel

Weight (in air)


Operating Depth


Power Sources

+9V NiMh

Signal Output

LCD Screen / Ethernet

Input Connector Type

8 Way Micro Sub-Con

Pressure Relief Valve (Internal)

10 PSI

Operating Temperature

10 PSI