Trident DeepBlue

Digital Pig Tracking System for ROVs

Tracking subsea pigs has never been easier, faster and more cost effective. The Trident pig tracking receiver combines acoustic and electromagnetic pig tracking capabilities in a single unit, saving operators both capital investment and integration costs.

The DeepBlue ROV system is an all-digital implementation where users can stream broadband pig tracking information back to topside over Ethernet or RS232 and track and record pigs using our proprietary software PigView-RealTime.

Trident DeepBlue
Specifications DeepBlue
Housing Material Composite Tube / Titanium
Weight (in air) 12.5kg
Operating Depth 3000m
Power Source +9V to +30V
Signal Output RS232 or Ethernet
Output Connector Type to match ROV
Input Connector Type 8 Way Micro Sub-Con
Pressure Relief Valve (internal) 10 PSI
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Length 280.0mm
Diameter 185.0mm