Trident Multi-Hit SMART Gauge System

The latest advancement of the Trident SMART Gauge allows gauging of a multi-diameter pipeline, or the detection of multiple defects in any pipeline using a special hinged gauge plate system.

With this arrangement the conventional gauge plate is removed and replaced with gauge ‘arms’ or segments, which are allowed to deflect through the sections of the pipeline. The on-board logging system continuously monitors the condition of the gauge plate and the magnitude of deflections.

multi-hit smart gauge plate

SMART Gauge System

This smart gauge system consists of an Intelligent EM transmitter combined with an instrumented gauge plate. Our transmitter and gauge plate combination can be custom mounted into most pig designs, but we can supply a fully equipped system installed inside a simple BiDi cleaning pig. On top of geometry data users get 6 axis IMU data and optional pressure and temperature profiles.

multi-hit SMART Gauge software

Get Results Quickly with PigView-Analytics

Trident Multi-Hit gauging systems produce multi-channel geometry measurements that can easily analyzed with PigView-Analytics software. Within minutes of recovering your pig users can asses multiple gauge plate deflections and their magnitudes.