Trident SMART Gauge System

Propipe North America provides a smart gauging tool for that allow users to quickly identify pipeline defects.

Service providers and asset owners can now remove the guess work from finding pipeline anomalies from gauge tools. Users can get location information of gauge plate events within minutes of pig recovery or even in real time using our simple PigView Software suite.

SMART Gauge System

This smart gauge system consists of an Intelligent EM transmitter combined with an instrumented gauge plate. Our transmitter and gauge plate combination can be custom mounted into most pig designs, but we can supply a fully equipped system installed inside a simple BiDi cleaning pig.

Real-Time Data

Prior to launch, the system can be setup using a smartphone or tablet by connecting to the intelligent transmitters embedded Bluetooth transceiver. By logging the gauge plate status, users can have a record of the exact moment the gauge plate deflection occurred, and by combining this information with AGM passage times can reduce the time and effort in finding anomalies dramatically. Data can be recovered and viewed within minutes of pig recovery.


Free Analysis Software: IMU, Pressure & Temperature

All Intelligent Gauge Plate Transmitters are also capable of logging IMU, pressure and temperature profiles that can be viewed with our free PigView-Analytics software.

SMART Gauge plate software