Today, more than ever, pipelines need to be safer and operations need to be more efficient. Turbulent Research pipeline solutions includes world class intelligent pig tracking and communications technologies combined with simple, easy to use, powerful data collection and software visualization and analysis tools. Using the Propipe Trident line of intelligent pig tracking tools, users can now track pigs easier than ever, while at the same time collect valuable data about the pipeline at no additional cost to pig tracking the old way.

Subsea Receivers

The Propipe Trident line of subsea receiver products for ROVs and divers are the most advanced underwater pig tracking devices in the world. These receivers can track both acoustic, EM or magnetic pigs, saving the user capital costs and integration time by using a single device for all tracking needs. Our systems are easy to use, providing a plug and play real time broadband Ethernet or RS232 connection to our modern software interface for ROV use, or a bright subsea OLED display for divers. 

Offshore Subsea receiver PIG tracking

The free software tools that are included with our receiver systems unleash the full power of the Propipe Trident line of subsea receivers. Data from in-situ pigs including gauge plate status can be recovered in real time with through pipe communications that is streamed over the ROV umbilical to our real time software interface. Tracking and recovering subsea pipeline data has never been easier. 

Intelligent EM Transmitters smart pigs analytics
Acoustic Pingers

The Propipe Trident series acoustic pingers have been developed by for use with pipeline pigs for identification and tracking or locating in subsea applications. As standard, Trident pingers can be used to detect pigs at ranges of several kilometers. Pinger repetition rate, power output, pulse length and battery life can be configured to suit the requirements of the project without compromising acoustic signal strength or pig design. Multiple acoustic pingers can be used in a single pig train or in pipelines of close proximity.

Propipe Trident Acoustic Pingers

The Trident Pingers can be used with the Trident SMART gauge system which allows the detection of pipeline flaws - such as a buckle, a dent or excessive weld penetration. The smart gauge system is designed to be fitted to a standard bi-directional pig, enhancing the gauging capability. The system is designed to allow the condition of a pipeline to be assessed without the need to recover the pig from the subsea receiver, saving significant time and costs.

Propipe Trident Acoustic Smart Gauge System

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