Propipe Trident Acoustic Pingers
Simple, Long Range Underwater Pig Tracking

Propipe Trident Acoustic Pingers provide a robust and simple method of tracking and locating pigs in subsea pipelines. The Trident series of acoustic pingers can be tracked using the DeepBlue or D200 receivers, or tracked from a vessel. Units can be configured to start on water contact or pressure to prolong battery life.

Pipeline pig tracking acoustic pingers

Data Sheet

SpecificationsTrident 442Trident 443
Pig Size6” & Above20" & Above
Pinger DimensionsØ51mm x 250mm LongØ120mm x 400mm Long
Output Power20 Watts20 Watts (50 Watts optional available)
Battery Life (at +5°C)60 Days (1 Ping / 4 Seconds) Standard can be extended90 Days (1 Ping / 1 Second) Standard can be extended
Battery TypeAlkaline 'AA' Cell Pack (Optional Lithium Cells)Alkaline 'C' Cell Pack (Optional Lithium Cells)
Beam PatternOmni-DirectionalOmni-Directional
Frequency26-32kHz (500Hz Steps)12-20kHz (500Hz Steps)
Pulse Length5ms (1-10ms Programmable)5ms (1-10ms Programmable)
Ping Repetition Rate1 Ping / 4 Seconds (1-10 Secs Programmable)1 Ping / 1 Second (1-10 Secs Programmable)
Operating Temperature-20°C to +70°C-20°C to +70°C
Operating Pressure4500m / 450 Bar3000m / 300 Bar