Intelligent EM Transmitters smart pigs
Robust, programmable, simple EM transmitter with embedded IMU logging

Add value to your pigs or your service, reduce risk on your valuable asset.

By collecting sensor data while pigging, valuable insights can be made about the pipeline asset and about the performance of the tools, at virtually no additional cost over more antiquated pig tracking systems. Data can be fused with above ground marker, or signaller data points to begin to build pipeline profile maps, detect welds, debris and defects quickly and easily.

Intelligent EM Transmitters

Users can download and analyze data in minutes and use this information to maintain the pipeline asset, generate pipeline maps, schedule maintenance operations or achieve better success with more expensive smart ILI tools.

All Propipe Trident transmitters are Bluetooth equipped and are easily programmed for any frequency, output power or duty cycle using the free PigView-EM smart phone app.

Data Sheet

Propipe Trident Standard Intelligent EM TransmitterTrident 542Trident 543
Frequency10-40Hz 22Hz standard10-40Hz 22Hz standard
Housing MaterialComposite Tube / SS316 End Caps Titanium - Optional High PressureComposite Tube / SS316 End Caps Titanium - Optional High Pressure
Operating Temperature-20°C to +70°C-20°C to +70°C
Operating Pressure220 Bar Standard 500 Bar Optional220 Bar Standard 500 Bar Optional
Pig Size6" & above18" & above
Transmitter DimensionsØ40mm x 300mm LongØ70mm x 460mm Long
Battery Type3 x Standard Alkaline ‘C’ Cells (Optional Lithium Cells)5 x Standard Alkaline 'D' Cells (Optional Lithium Cells)
Battery Life (Continuous)Full Power - 4 Days; Optimum Life - 7 DaysFull Power - 25 Days; Optimum Life - 30 Days
Battery Life (Pulsing)Full Power - 15 Days; Optimum Life - 25 DaysFull Power - 70 Days; Optimum Life - 96 Days