Trident S3000

Trident S3000 is a stand-alone subsea magnetic pig signaller, designed to detect the passage of pipeline pigs carrying either rare-earth magnets OR EM transmitters.

The S3000 PigSig is suitable for down to 3000m and for use on pipelines with heavy wall thickness and also Pipe-in-Pipe applications. Detection speed  ranges from 0.01m/s to greater than 10m/s. 

The detection capabilities vary depending on pig speed, pipeline diameter, wall thickness and background magnetic noise, however the S3000 uses digital filtering to ensure high reliability and reduced false-readings. 

Technical Specification S3000
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Cage Length 400mm (15.74")
Cage Width 340mm (13.38")
Weight (in air, excluding cradle) 45kg
Height (excluding ROV handle) 370mm (14.56")
Height (including ROV handle) 528mm (20.78")
Operating Depth 3000m (9842 ft)
Operating Frequency 10Hz to 30Hz
Operating Temperature -5°C to +50°C
Power Source +14V Li-ion
Battery Life 30 Days
Signal Output LCD Screen / Acoustic / Ethernet / Strobe
Pressure Relief Valve 10PSI
Trident S3000
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