Smart Gauges

The Trident SMART gauge system allows the detection of pipeline flaws - such as a buckle, a dent or excessive weld penetration.

The smart gauge system is designed to be fitted to a standard bi-directional pig, enhancing the gauging capability. The system is designed to allow the condition of a pipeline and the potential locations of defects to be assessed easily and cost effectively. The smart gauge system comes in two variants, the standard aluminum single-defect gauge plate with embedded electronics, or the multi-hit system that can record multiple gauge plate deflections and their magnitudes.

smart gauge system for pig tracking

SMART Gauge System

The standard SMART gauge disc is a conventional aluminum gauge plate complete with potted and embedded electronics on each gauge segment. These plates are connected to a Trident intelligent EM transmitter, where the gauge plate status is logged and/or optionally transmitted through the pipe wall in real time.

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multi-hit smart gauge plate

Trident Multi-Hit Smart Gauge System

The latest advancement of the Trident SMART Gauge allows gauging of a multi-diameter pipeline, or the detection of multiple defects in any pipeline using a special hinged gauge plate system. With this arrangement the conventional gauge plate is removed and replaced with gauge ‘arms’ or segments, which are allowed to deflect through the sections of the pipeline. The on-board logging system continuously monitors the condition of the gauge plate and the magnitude of deflections.

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