Smarter Pig Tracking Products

Today, more than ever, pipelines need to be safer and operations need to be more efficient.

Propipe North America provides world class intelligent pig tracking and communications technologies combined with simple and easy to use software for data collection, visualization and analysis.

Using the Trident line of intelligent pig tracking tools, users can now track pigs easier than ever, while at the same time collect valuable data about the pipeline at no additional cost to pig tracking the old way.

EM Transmitters in different sizes
Reliable transmitters with built in data logging
AGM and the APEX
Ultra reliable, ultra precise pig passage detection for handheld or remote tracking applications
Smart Gauge
Locate pipeline defects quickly and easily
Offshore & Subsea Receivers
Robust and reliable receivers built for the toughest conditions on earth and proven to reduce costs
Superior acoustic pingers for identification & tracking or locating pipeline pigs in subsea applications
pig tracking software
Get data in your hand with handheld-capable programming, real time monitoring, visualization, and data analysis.