Subsea Plugs

Proplug have a wealth of experience designing and manufacturing subsea plugs for many different types of applications, from ambient sealing to very high-pressure isolation.

Depending upon water depth, they can be either diver or ROV operable. Design life is project dependent and may be up to 30 years.

Flushing Plugs

Usually low pressure-retaining with large bypass port. Hydraulically set with mechanical lock. May be used as a fluid outlet or inlet depending upon project requirements. Port may have an NRV, filter and/or J-Lock.

Fluid Retention Plugs

Installed hydraulically topside, usually into a hub to allow containment of MEG and free-flooding during submersion. Plug protects hub face and is removed via ROV when the subsea connection is to be made.

Abandonment Plugs

Typically, an ambient seal for long term use, with subsea specific coating and cathodic protection. Actuation methods include manual, torque tool and hydraulic with mechanical lock.

Isolation Plugs

Often designed for higher pressure applications and utilise gripper jaws to hold the plug-in position. May be manual, torque tool or hydraulic with mechanical lock.