Test Plugs

Proplug test plugs can be supplied with up to 1,000 Bar differential pressure holding capability, using proven seal and gripper technology.

Actuation can be mechanical, hydraulic or inflatable.

High Pressure Test Plugs

Utilising a high-quality polyurethane seal and expander gripper jaws, the pipe schedule specific high pressure test plugs are available for up to 1000 Bar operating pressure where pipe strength allows.

Low/Medium Pressure Test Plugs

Compression or inflatable (Procore) polyurethane seals to provide pipe sealing up to 30 bar differential pressure.

Flange Weld & Joint Testing Equipment

Designed to create a small volume pressure test envelope in a pipeline system with a new joint. This negates the requirement for a full pipeline hydrotest to save water and time. Internal tests may be manufactured to operate in excess of 800 Bar. 

Ambient Seal Plugs

Single seal plugs designed to prevent pipe content or environmental contamination at low differential pressure. Often for extended periods.