Trident Acoustic Pingers

The Trident series Acoustic Pingers have been developed by Propipe Limited for use with pipeline pigs for identification and tracking or locating. As standard, Trident Pingers can produce up to 20W of acoustic power with a specified range of frequency to maximize detection distance.

Trident pingers require the pipeline to be flooded for the signal to be transmitted and this acoustic signal provides the information to identify the location of the pig.

Pinger repetition rate, power output, pulse length and battery life can be configured to suit the requirements of the project without compromising acoustic signal strength or pig design.

Multiple acoustic pingers can be used in a single pig train or in pipelines of close proximity. This is achieved by configuring the frequencies to ensure safe separation.


Technical Specification 441 442 443
Pig Size 6" & Above 6" & Above 20" & Above
Diameter Ø38mm (1.49") Ø51mm (2.00") Ø120mm (4.72")
Length 285mm (11.22") 300mm (11.81") 350mm (13.77")
Housing Material Stainless Steel 316L Housing
Output Power 10 Watts 20 Watts 20 Watts (50 Watts)
Battery Type 'AAA' Alkaline Cell Pack 'AA' Alkaline Cell Pack 'C' Alkaline Cell Pack
Battery life (at 5°C) (Pulsing 1 Ping / 4 Seconds) 21 Days 60 Days 90 Days
Beam Pattern Omni - Directional
Frequency Range 30 - 40 kHz 26 - 32 kHz 13 - 19 kHz
Pulse Length 5ms (1-10 Programmable)
Ping Repetition Rate 1 Ping / 4 Seconds (1-10 Programmable)
Operating Temperature -2°C to +60°C
Max Operating Pressure 400 Bar (5800 PSI)