Trident Acoustic Receivers

Trident Acoustic range covers all aspects of pig detection for subsea operations including handheld, ROV and Topside acoustic tracking.


Trident DeepBlue Acoustic Receiver

Trident DeepBlue is the worlds ONLY High Resolution Digital ROV subsea pig tracking Receiver. It is also unique in that it can detect and display all acoustic signals detected in the search area. 

Data from the DeepBlue is transmitted through the ROV multiplexer via Ethernet (or RS232) to the surface for real time analysis. Data is analysed using Trident PigView this gives the ability to detect multiple pigs on multiple frequencies. 

Technical Specification DeepBlue Acoustic Receiver
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Length 280mm (11.02")
Diameter 185mm (7.28")
Weight 12.5kg
Operating Depth 3000m (9842 ft)
Power Source +24V to +48V
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +50°C
Signal Output RS232 or Ethernet
Input Connector Type 8 Way Micro-Sub - Con
Output Connector Type To match ROV connection
Pressure Relief Valve 10 PSI


Topside 400 Acoustic Receiver

The Trident 400 Receiver system is a portable digital acoustic receiver designed to detect all frequencies from 10kHz to 50kHz. The receiver provides a simple user interface and an enhanced acoustic signal output. Digital filtering provides the ability to isolate individual pigs (within 1kHz) and increased distance detection due to reduced background noise.

The Trident 400 receiver has been developed to meet the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore marine environment. As standard the receiver comes complete with an Omni-directional Hydrophone, Tablet and 50m Cable suited for deployment over the side of a vessel.

Data from the receiver can be viewed and recorded using Trident PigViewRT software.

Technical Specification Topside 400
Housing Material Composite
Length 250mm (9.84") Inc. Mooring
Diameter 70mm (2.75") Main Housing
Weight (in air) 3.5kg
Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C
Operating Frequency 10Hz to 50Hz
Power Source Power over Ethernet


Trident PR-1 Acoustic Receiver

Propipe’s Trident PR-1 is a subsea acoustic receiver that can be used by both divers & ROV’s to a water depth of 100m. The receiver is designed to be used as a pig locator & pig signaller allowing the operator to carry out a range of subsea operations with a single unit.

The system is easy to operate and will locate any acoustic signal from 3kHz to 95kHz. When tuned to the desired frequency and pointed in the direction of the signal, the pinger will be seen on the signal strength meter.

Technical Specification Trident PR-1
Housing Material High Impact PVC
Length 300mm (11.81")
Diameter 115mm (4.52") Main Housing
Weight (in air) 3kg (in air)
Operating Depth 100m (328 ft)
Operating Frequency 3kHz to 95kHz
Bandwidth 2kHz
Operating Temperature Range -5°C to +50°C
Power Source Sub-C NiCad (Rechargeable)
Battery Life 25-30 Hours