Pigging Applications

Propipe are specialists in designing pigs for multiple applications. These may include dual diameter, multi diameter or long pipelines. Also used for pipelines with features for pig performance, such as wyes or check valves. 

Every pipeline has a unique requirement when it comes to pigging

In addition to common Bi-Di, Foam and Foam Disc Pig designs, Propipe are specialists in designing pigs for a range of unique applications. These may be for dual-diameter or multi-diameter pipelines, long pipelines, or pipelines with features that may affect pig performance (such as wyes, check-valves etc), but they may also be for pipelines with heavy debris.



New pipelines, under construction, require pigs for flooding, cleaning, gauging and dewatering and it is usual to expect that debris is limited to light construction debris. For pipelines that are already in production, the debris can be more extreme, with sand or scale or wax deposits. This can require more specialist pigs to be used, where designs are more focused and offer the ability to be adjusted as part of a progressive cleaning programme.



Progressive cleaning programmes allow a series of pigs to be chosen to clean the pipeline in a progressive manner, from light performance leading up to heavy duty performance.

Each programme is chosen to suit the known pipeline information.