Pipeline Pigs

All Propipe pigs are designed to suit both the pipeline and the pigging application. A wealth of practical experience and design skill is provided with every Propipe pig and is the reason why Propipe stands at the forefront of pig manufacture. Constantly evolving and developing new designs and improving performance.

Bi-Directional Disc Pig

The most adaptable and dependable pig – easily configured to provide flooding, cleaning, gauging, batching and dewatering operations. The versatility of Bi-Di pig designs allows each to be multi-functional and designed specifically for each individual application.

Articulated Pigs

Typically designed to pass pipeline wye connections whilst also negotiating tight bend radius. They are also used to pass oversized features (such as ball valves or connector hubs). 


Used primarily for drying applications, but also capable of a range of uses from dewatering to multi-diameter long-run pigs for precommissioning projects. Propipe has an extensive range for all applications.


Special pig designs are the heart-blood of the Propipe pig range and multi-diameter pigs are routinely designed, tested and supplied to meet a wide range of applications.

High Friction Isolation Pigs

Used to provide a low-pressure, high seal isolation of pipelines, during maintenance intervention work, as well as during pipelay flooding and dewatering.

Pull-Thru Pigs

For J-Tube, I-Tube and Spool cleaning and gauging operations complete with fixed padeyes or swivel shackles to allow single-directional and bi-directional operations both onshore and offshore.

Bypass Jetting Pigs

Used for flood, clean and gauging operations onto dewatering, as well as operational maintenance. Propipe has designs for various jetting and bypass nozzles.

Pigging Applications

Propipe are specialists in designing pigs for multiple applications. These may include dual diameter, multi diameter or long pipelines. Also used for pipelines with features for pig performance, such as wyes or check valves. 

Pigging Components

Pigs are constructed using various components that are made from the highest quality materials available, to ensure that they are highly reliable and efficient.

Track Record / Case Studies

Since 1998, Propipe has been involved in many significant developments and industry-firsts. We continue to push the limits of pig design and function.