Articulated Pigs

As part of their range of pigs Propipe produces articulated pigs. These are pigs which use articulated joints to increase their flexibility, and in certain cases to allow for the pig to be longer without affecting how the pig functions.

These pigs are highly adaptable, being able to be used in flood, cleaning, gauging, dewatering as well as operational maintenance operations. They are also capable of running 700km through a 36” dry, uncoated pipeline.

Propipe articulated pigs can be modified in order to run through dual diameter and multi-diameter pipelines. They are also suitable for backloading into subsea PLRs as well as onshore pig launchers.

It is also possible to have several additional modifications to the articulated pigs as listed below:

  • Cleaning Brushes
  • Slotted / Grooved Guide Discs
  • Dewaxing / Descaling Pads
  • Gauging Plates
  • Mounting for Trident EM or Acoustic Pig Tracking Device


The optional features mean that Propipe are able to design and produce the perfect pig for whatever pipeline configuration exists.