Bypass Jetting Pigs

In certain situations, there may be too large a build-up of deposits (such as wax, sediment or scale) in the pipeline that would be too much for a regular pig or would result in inaccuracies with inspection pigs.

As part of our Progressive Cleaning Range, Propipe Jetting pigs are effectively designed with jetting or bypass nozzles which allow for a fraction of pigging medium to pass through and come out of the nozzles on the front of the pig. This bypass causes the wax or scale sediment to be broken down and flushed ahead of the pig, allowing for easier movement of the pig forwards.

Jetting can be done through nozzles facing the pipeline wall or a flushing function which passes through a central port. Propipe will analyze each pigging situation to ensure that the correct form of bypass feature is used.

To change how the bypass works the pigs can feature plugs which will either block the bypass or allow a reduced diameter flow. As well as this a pressure differential valve may be fitted to allow for variable operation.

It is also possible for the Trident Pig Tracking pingers or transmitters to be ran with these pigs.