Bi-Directional Disc Pigs

Bi-Di pigs are the most commonly used pigs in the oil and gas industry. All Propipe pigs are designed to suit both the pipeline and the pigging application. A wealth of practical experience and design skill is used to ensure that every Propipe pig is fit-for-purpose and ensures that Propipe stands at the forefront of pig design and manufacture. Constantly evolving and constantly developing to provide the best designs and performance.

Propipe can provide Bi-Di pigs to meet virtually all pipeline challenges such as:

  • Flooding
  • Cleaning (Brushes and Magnets)
  • Gauging  (Standard or SMART)
  • Dewatering
  • Long Run
  • Multi-Diameter
  • Articulated
  • High Friction
  • High Seal

Each pig from Propipe is designed to exactly match the pipeline conditions to guarantee maximum performance.

Materials used are of the highest quality, from the carbon steel or stainless steel metallic parts to the high grade polyurethane sealing, guiding and spacer discs. All are carefully selected to exceed expectations during pigging operations.