J-Tube Plugs

Proplug J-Tube plugs can be passive or active, with staggered split design where required.

Pressure retaining capability and design life to suit specific project requirements.

Passive J-Tube Seals

Pushed into position, the sealing discs deform to hold the plug in place. The discs must be flipped to allow retrieval. Disc size is optimised for a maximum removal pull load. 

Active J-Tube Seals

Based upon the compression plug design, polyurethane seals are actuated by applying torque to a series of energizing nuts. An oversized flange with urethane protection provides a positive stop during installation. 

Annulus Sealing Plugs (Pipe in Pipe)

Manufactured to seal between a carrier and casing pipe. Split design to allow assembly over pre-existing structures. May be passive or active and utilise high grade polyurethane seals. Optional high temperature seals and grout injection ports.