Trident Pig Tracking

Propipe has an advanced range of highly reliable pig tracking tools for both subsea and on land. The Trident range advances the science of pig tracking and will continue to be developed to provide the best pig location and data gathering opportunities for clients worldwide. 

trident 543


Trident EM series boasts a complete range of Transmitters and Receivers for all applications both on land and subsea.


Trident Acoustic series is a perfect solution for subsea fluid filled pipeline systems where long-range pig detection is required.

Pig Tracking

Trident Pig Tracking devices allow for both electromagnetic and rare-earth magnet detection on land and subsea, with the added option for live remote pig tracking when tracking on land.

SMART Products

Propipe has developed a wide range of Trident SMART Technology from simple Single-Hit Gauge Systems to complex Data Logging Multi-Hit Gauge Systems that will measure each deflection and log its location in the pig run.

Track Record / Case Studies