Pigging Components

Propipe pigs are constructed using components made from the highest quality materials available to ensure they are highly reliable. It is also possible to purchase spare components for products.

Polyurethane Discs

Propipe discs are produced using PolyPro-4 MDQ, a highly effective polymer that provides high performance for up to 800km as it has a high tensile and tear strength, it also has a high resistance to oils and fuels. Discs are available in multiple shore hardness’s, resulting in different levels of performance of each disc. This allows them to be highly versatile.

During manufacture, Propipe casts each disc using mould rings, ensuring that the discs are accurate and consistent in their measurements.


Pig brushes are used to clear debris of the internal walls of a pipeline. Brushes come in two types: circular brushes which are usually fitted to 4”-16” but are available up to Ø950mm and Pads and Segments which are fitted from 18” upwards. All brushes are designed to clean 360° of the wall. All brushes are produced in-house by Propipe, with brush cores being designed to ensure that they are secured easily and reliably to the pig bodies. 

Gauge Plates

Gauge plates are used to detect any internal restrictions within the pipeline.

Materials used include aluminium, steel or polyurethane.

Trident SMART and Multi-Hit SMART gauge plates are also available which pair with the Trident Pig Tracking System to provide an electronic system that can both record any impact timings but also provide deflection measurement.


Propipe uses high power Neodymium Rare Earth magnets for all cleaning applications and also for detection by magnetic pig signallers.

Magnets are electro-plated and mounted on nylon and stainless steel mounting plates or cast within protective polyurethane rings.

Pig Bodies


All Propipe pig bodies are manufactured specifically to suit the pipeline features and requirements of the pig design. Materials used can be carbon steel or stainless steel and provide the mounting for the above components.