Smarter Pig Tracking: Make every pig a smart pig.

Gain valuable data on your pipeline on every single pig run, without increasing costs.

Turbulent Research provides intelligent pig tracking solutions, data loggers and visualization and analysis software. Our Propipe Trident pig tracking products can make every pig smart for minimal cost.

The company’s line of intelligent pig tracking transmitters and receivers can provide simple and cost effective tracking, while at the same time provide valuable data from embedded pressure, temperature, IMU and vibration sensors. Devices can be easily integrated with one of our smart gauge plate systems to quickly detect and locate pipeline flaws.

Combined with AGM or subsea passage indicators, operators can build a complete system that provides pipeline information from standard cleaning runs.

electromagnetic transmitters for pipeline maintenance

Intelligent EM Transmitters

Smarter Pig Tracking

Subsea Receivers

Smart, Efficient, Simple, Fast Underwater Pig Tracking

Acoustic Pingers

Long Range Underwater Pig Tracking

PigView Software

Easy To Use Software for Setup, Monitoring and Analysis of PIG tracking products

Onshore Pipeline Receivers

Onshore Receivers

Safer, more reliable, more cost effective pig tracking