J-Tube Pull-Thru Pigs

J-Tube, I-Tube and Onshore Spool operations do not always allow for pigs to be pumped using air or water. For applications where pigs are required but should be pulled through using a wire and winch, Propipe has designs that are ideally suited.

The Propipe Pull-Thru pig offers the same features as other pigs, but is designed specifically to allow safe pulling through J-tubes, I-Tubes or Onshore spools, such as PLET’s, PLEM’s or Tie-In Spools.

Using padeyes, eye nuts or shackles that are rated and tested to suit the winch SWL, the pig is able to become part of the pulling string and offers strong, reliable performance.

Brushes can be carbon steel, stainless steel or nylon and coupled with neodymium high power magnets plus standard aluminium gauge plates or Trident SMART gauge plates to provide accurate gauging (prior to any umbilical pull-in operations)

As with all Propipe pigs, Pull-Thru pigs are custom designed to meet the client requirements and to offer guaranteed performance.