Foam Pigs

From simple drying of pipelines to multi-diameter dewatering, Foam pigs are a versatile and capable option for many applications. Propipe has an extensive range of foam and foam disc pigs that can be provided to meet the majority of applications.

Foam pigs can be provided as:

  • Soft Foam
  • High Grade Soft Foam
  • High Grade Composite Foam 
  • Medium Density Foam
  • Heavy Density Foam

From the selection above, Propipe can provide pigs as Bare Foam, Criss Cross Coated Foam, and Fully Coated Foam

Available as small as 22mm OD, sizes from 3” to 56” can be further enhanced with:

  • Brushes (Carbon, Stainless and Nylon)
  • Carbide Strips
  • Dewaxing Pads
  • Descaling Studs
  • Magnets
  • Gauge Plates
  • Pulling Ropes
  • EM Transmitter Housings
  • Bypass Jetting Ports

Foam Disc Pigs

Innovative and versatile, Propipe Foam Disc pigs are capable of performing in conditions where conventional metal-bodied pigs are not required or unable to operate, such as within HDPE or internally CLAD pipelines and flexibles.

Unlike a Foam Pig, the Foam Disc Pig can be easier to load, run at lower pigging pressure and also perform well for flooding and dewatering operations.

As with all Propipe pigs, each design is carefully chosen and tuned to meet the specific pipeline parameters and operational needs.

Available from 4” to 36” with the ability to include Brushes, Gauge Plates and EM transmitter housings the Propipe Foam Disc Pig is highly adaptable.