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5.8" x 4.225" Multi - Diameter Pigs

Propipe has completed the supply of 5.8″ x 4.225″ Multi-Diameter Pigs for FCG & Dewatering campaigns for a new pipeline project. 

The challenging pipeline system presented, included an internal diameter variance from 5.8″ (147.3mm) to 4.225″ (107mm)- which is a 28% change in ID at a very small size. Based on these inputs the available types of pig were very limited. The inclusion of tight radius 3D bends at the smallest ID put us on the path to develop of a foam disc pig. 

Prior to pig supply; several initial designs of pig were manufactured for trials purposes. A test rig was manufactured to include all the challenging features within the actual pipeline and would be used to ultimately prove the final pig design. 

Piggability testing was performed with water and compressed air to fine tune the pig design. Although all pigs passed through the loop with acceptable pressures, some pig modifications were needed to correct the behaviour of the pig in certain features (example shown below – off centre running, which would lead to uneven wear). Final data from trials such as pigging pressures, flow rates were reported to the customer to allow correct selection of pre-commission equipment. 

Piggability Test Rig
Multi-Diameter Pig- Exiting Small ID
Challenges with Design- Off Centre Pig (Left)
Challenges with design- Corrected Design (Right)

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