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14" x 10" SMART Gauge

Propipe has completed the supply of 14″ x 10″ Multi-Diameter Smart Gauging pigs for a pre-commissioning operation.

The main pipeline was 14″ diameter, complete with reduced bore connectors at 10″ either side as well as heavy wall section (fortified zone). Traditional aluminium gauging would mean sizing the gauge plate to 95%/97% of the smallest ID and therefore not providing any useful information on the as-laid condition of the 14″ main pipeline. 

Several years ago, Propipe developed a multi-diameter gauging tool specifically designed for use with projects with this type of scenario. The high – resolution gauge system, is designed to be sized at 95% /97% of the main pipeline but it can mechanically deflect (reduced in diameter) to pass through the smaller ID’s. Standard aluminium plates can also be used to gauge the smallest ID. 

The on-board data logger in the pig, will record the time/date and radial deflection (optional) of each deflection. Other sensing information can also be logged such as acceleration, gyrometer and pressure/temperature within the pipeline. 

Provided with each smart gauge, Propipe’s dedicated software PigView can be used to download/view this information to provide a more accurate as-laid condition. Data from this successful project can be seen below.

Supplied FCG Pig Train
Multi -Diameter Smart Gauge
Logged Pipeline Data- Showing Connector/reduced bore deflections

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